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Horsepower Videos are instructional automotive DVD's we put together so that you can watch a complete tear down and rebuild of an engine, transmission or rear differential gear swap. So, if you are thinking about rebuilding or modifying your own engine, these DVD's are where you need to start! If you are like most people, it is easier to watch it get done first...it makes a world of difference. With over 10,000 sold, we are confident that you will pick up great tips and tools to rebuilding or modifying your own engine! We carry a variety of DVD's from budget rebuilds to adding major horsepower! Technical Support available to help if you should get stumped or overwhelmed...We guarantee it or your money back! For a sample of our videos:

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Video Description DVD USB Drive
HP-6 6/71 Supercharger Installation
HP-7 Small Block Ford Engine Rebuilding
HP-8 Big Block Ford Rebuilding
HP-9 60's Mustang i6 to V8 conversion
HP-10 Ford 4.6/5.4 Modular Engine Rebuilding
HP-11 1000 HP SBF 351W/418 Stroker Build-Up
HP-12 60's Mustang Roadster Conversion
HP-13 Holley Carb Rebuilding
HP-14 Nitrous Install on a Mustang GT
HP-15 Recipe for a 9 Sec Fox Mustang
HP-16 How to Adjust SBF Valve Lash
HP-17 How to Install a Shift Kit in Auto Trans
HP-18 SBF Cam, Heads, Intake, Carb Swap
HP-19 Dodge/Mitsubishi 420A Engine Rebuilding
HP-20 Honda VTEC Rebuilding
HP-21 Nissan KA24 Engine Rebuilding
HP-22 Mitsubishi Engine Rebuilding
HP-23 SB Chevy Engine Rebuilding
HP-24 Chevy LS Engine Rebuilding
HP-25 Ford 9 or 8 Inch Ring & Pinion Swap
HP-26 Nitrous Install on any EFI Car
HP-27 Toyota 4M,5M,7M Engine Rebuilding
HP-28 BMW Ford 5.0 Engine Conversion
HP-29 Chrysler A904/A727 TorqueFlight Transmission Upgrade
HP-30 T5 Transmission Rebuilding
HP-31 Big Block Ford 600 CI Build-up
HP-32 AMC/Jeep 4.0 L, 4.2 L Engine Rebuilding
HP-33 Build a Ford 351W Stroker 418/427 Engine
HP-34 1960's Mustang T5 Conversion
HP-35 C4 Transmission Rebuilding
HP-36 8.8 Ring & Pinion Gear Swap
HP-37 Big Block Chevy Performance Rebuilding
HP-38 2005+ Mustang 427 Swap
HP-39 Budget Turbo Install
HP-40 TH350/400 GM Transmission Rebuilding
HP-41 Budget V8 twin turbocharger installation
HP-42 Mustang budget twin turbocharger installation
HP-43 Ford 302/347 Stroker Budget Build...531 hp!
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